Ricky Perrillioux, Sr.
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His legacy
Ricky Perrillioux's Heart (His Children):  

Dustin Michael Perrillioux
Scotty Paul Perrillioux

Brandi Lynn Perrillioux
Ricky Paul Perrillioux, Jr.
Katie Elizabeth Perrillioux

Ricky Perrillioux's Friends and Family  

Mother - RIP - Claire "Clara-Belle"
Dad - Oliver Perrillioux, Sr.
Step-Mom - Lynn Perrillioux

Rita Perrillioux Horn - His sister and best friend
Gary Perrillioux - Little brother
Bryan Perrillioux - Brother
Donnie Glenn  - RIP - Brother
Oliver Perrillioux, Jr. - Brother
Neil Perrillioux - Brother
Allan Perrillioux - Brother
Corey Perrillioux - Brother
Jessica Perrillioux St. Pierre - Little Sister
Regina - Sister
Benny - Brother
Stephanie - Sister
Mary - Sister

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